Loft/ Blend Surface, from single to multiple

The picture attached does a better job at explaining my problem than I could in writing. I simply need to bridge the gap between the top (separated) and bottom (single) volumes.

The tricky bit is working out how to get from a single cross section to multiple ones. Maybe I’m thinking about this in the wrong way?

What is your design intent? The separate surfaces will need to merge in the transition. What would you like those mergers to look like?

Ideally a continuation of the existing surfaces. Similar to the way blend finds as smooth a transition as possible. Basically no hard angles. Is this what you mean?

Cheers for the reply

This is always tricky and you will need to experiment to get a desirable result.

BlendSrf and MatchSrf commands will be the primary tools to use. Probably use Split and SplitEdge too.

Practice with some simpler but similar models first, something similar to the below. The bit in the middle is the trickiest.

What did you use to model this? Did you started with curves?
The objects seems to be extremely heavy for the smooth geometry I can see. Is it because there is some kind of surface texture you want to capture?
From what I can understand from the image, it would be better to model four individual objects, without the horizontal gap, and then merge them together with some surface trimming between them.

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