Locking Layer State with corresponding Layout?

Hey guys,

Is there a way to somehow link a Layout page with a certain Layer State?
So I have 5 Layout Pages and each one is showing a different set of layers. I have 5 corresponding Layer States, but I would have to turn on the correct Layer State for each one of those 5 Layout pages.
The ideal situation would be if I double click on the Layout and it recognizes corresponding Layer State (maybe they can be connected through the names of the layout and layer states)
Is there a script that can help in this situation?

Hello - it looks like the single layer state will manage all the layouts but each layout must restore that layer state separately.


Exactly. So right now, when I click to a certain layout, I also have to switch the corresponding layer state for that layout so the right layers appear and so on for every following one…
It would be ideal if somehow I could “lock” the given layout page for the corresponding layer state.

Hm - I might be missing a link - but as I see it here, there can be one layer state - it will handle all the layouts - are we saying the same thing? I understand that it is not automatic, but you do not need multiple states is at least part of the battle…


Hey Pascal,
Yes, I am aware of that, but let me explain in more detail why I’m asking for this workaround.

I have a Rhino file that has hundreds of layers. In addition to that there are around 50 different layout pages. My goal is to keep everything as organized and as streamlined as possible. Each layout page is a different type of a 2D drawing and is showing different layers. All Layout pages are the same size and I’m using a python script that I found here on the forum that allows me to automatically print one PDF per Layout Page, so I don’t have to do it manually.
I found that creating different layer states for different layouts keeps everything organized both in model space and in layout space, but the only drawback is that I would have to print each layout space manually. That’s why I was asking if there is a way to somehow “lock” a certain layout page to a certain layer state. Hope it makes more sense now :slight_smile:

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I see - if you need multiple separate layer states, all that comes to mind is to incorporate

_-Layerstate _Restore "Name of state"

somehow into the printing routine.


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I would also like to be able to associate Layers States to specific Layouts.

So, when toggling through the Layouts, a specific Layer State is automatically switched on for that Layout… Extremely handy when working with lots of Layouts.

Is there yet a way to do this?


Hi Sach - there is no way that I know of to do this now.