Assigning a LayerState to a detail view in layout?

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I have not used Layout. I cannot recall if there was a way to have specific layerstates from the layerstatemanager showing in each detail view, regardless of the current model state. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



so I guess the answer is no, right? just hit me with it, come on. I can take it! :smile:


The global layer settings cannot be applied to a per-layout/detail layer setting. What you have to do is save the layer states from with a layout or detail that is setup the way you want. Then move to another layer/detail and restore. Make sense?

hi Dale, sorry but after reading a few times and trying a few things it still does not make complete sense. But think part of the problem is that Layout viewports are showing me objects that it shouldn’t. Maybe this is broken?

let me explain…

  • I have layerstate01, layerstate02, layerstate03 saved in my file. No layouts yet created.

  • So I don’t mess with this, I created a new layer called Layout_page1

  • I made this new layer active and I created a page and 2 layout details.

  • I make detail 1 active and I load layerstate01

  • I make detail 2 active and I load layerstate02

  • my page has now the two details in the 2 states that I want them

  • I exit the details (inactive and go back to my viewports)

  • I load layerstate03

… I go back to page1 layout (the tab) to look at my page and my detail contents have changed!
each show the objects that lived in the respective layerstate01 and layerstate02, but they ALSO show the objects in layerstate03.

…I delete the details, mess around with later visibility on the layer palette manually (turning random shit on and off).

…I started over to recreate the same layout process. Now my page does show things the way I wanted (one detail layerstate01, the other layerstate02, unchanged independently of current visibility).

This last case is my desired result. Is this also the expected functionality? because it’s only happening SOME times here.



Try this:

1.) Go to a layout
2.) Save the layer state
3.) Go to another layout
4.) Restore the layout

More detail: In order to restore a layer state to a layout or detail, the layer state had to have been created in a layout or details.

Does this help?

yes! this helps. THX.

BTW I found a bug then: If I want to create a new layerstate created in layout starting by loading a previously created one, I run into trouble, because in the layerstate tab ( I have it always open and docked) the old layerstate is selected (blue highlight) so the save icon will override my prior outside-of-detail layer state (asking me first) and I want to create a new one (I think? right?). Or will this overriding also take care of the problem?

…I hope you guys know this is all extremely confusing and it could really benefit from a new UI approach.


tried some more. Even following your steps from scratch still stuff that should not show does, and stuff that should show does not (an object that happens to be a block). And inactive details that should not update/change are updating/changing.
Very broken on my end.

It would be awesome if every detail could have a layerstate applied in its properties.
This might not be an issue looked at for V6?

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I wanted to bump this thread to see if anything has been updated for setting Layer States to specific details or layouts. Would be a useful tool for doing drawing sets in Rhino. If it isn’t built in, does anyone know of any workaround besides printing multiple pdfs?

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Hi @dbusmire,

Rhino Layer State Manager already stores per-layout or per-detail layer states, given one is active when save the state. What else are you looking for?

– Dale

I guess I’m just not understanding the functionality. If I go to a layout that is for a Floorplan and the layer called “RCP” is on, when I go to turn off the “Layout On” the RCP lines do not go away. I’ve tried on a few different layers to turn off and on, as well as test in a new file.

What I can discern is that “Layout On” only applies to geometry in paper space but not model space. If this is the case then how does one go about turning off layers for specific layouts?

Ok I’m pretty sure I figured it our, from your post 6 years ago!

Thank you Dale

Hey Dale,

You mentioned the same things in an earlier comment …

More detail: In order to restore a layer state to a layout or detail, the layer state had to have been created in a layout or details.

I’m using Rhino for Mac 5.5.3
is this not possible within the mac version?
because as it is now, I don’t see how to create a layer state in a layout or in a detail view, As i can tell the Layer State Manager only saves layer states that are set in the Model space or the Model Viewport as Rhino calls it.

for example…

I’m working on a layout and on that layout i create a detail view. I start turning on and off different layers in that detail using the Layers Menu that is specific to the detail view, not the Model Layers Menu (or Layout and Detail Layer Information as rhino calls it). So now i got my detail looking good, and i want to save those layer settings. I’ve double clicked in the detail view, it is now active, I go to LayerStateManager click + to add a new state. It does create a new state but that state is not specific to my detail view, it’s related to how my layers are set in the Model Layers Menu. And all my layers in the Model space are and must be on because there is this really frustrating issue that if the layers are not on in the model they cannot be turned on in a detail view, so annoying.

any help would be great, thanks