Wish: Layer Panel parameter popup

Displaying all parameter columns of a layer horizontally needs a lot of space, especially in a Layout or Detail. You need to scroll, and the names in the column headers are often cut off (which is why new users often overlook the Layout/Detail layer settings).
How about adding a vertical popup-list like this:

Could be invoked by clicking the selected layer(s) with ALT-LMB, ALT-RMB or similar. Changing multiple layers at once should of course be possible.

Given there’s no interest, would it be ‘straightforward’ to write this as a plugin in Python/ETO forms?


The problem you describe is certainly a very real shortcoming of Rhino’s layer display and your suggested solution is certainly an improvement over the current setup, and much better than making the layer display wide enough to be easily useful which doesn’t leave much room for viewports or buying a second monitor which takes up a lot of real desk space.