Locking and hiding layers glitch?

Has anyone come across weird artefacts when locking and hiding curves on layers?

As an example, if I turn off layers sometimes all items from other layers disappear or stranger still it changes if some layers are locked before I turn them off?

I can’t seem to fathom what the issue is, it’s not self coloured lines, I checked… It seems layer01 is overriding layer02.

I’ve read the post about parent/child layers but I don’t think this is the same issue, they’re not nested or sublayers.

Any ideas?



Got blocks?

No, it’s a new file with a couple of picture frames and a grid I’ve drawn with a couple of different line types… Super simple.

Ah, I worked it out… Seems like the picture frame on the default layer is obscuring layer02 when I lock layer01 as they are both on the same plane at 0,0,0

I can’t seem to recreate it in a new file, it’s only doing it in file I’m working on, but it does do it even if I save and reopen the file.

Strange but not critical.

Hi 2DCube- can you post or send me the file?




Yep, pretty strange… thanks, I’ll send it along to the developer; I do not see why this happens, myself.