Bug - Pictureframe hidden if layer is locked

Hi All,

I think I found a bug, if you have a picture frame in a layer and then you lock the layer to prevent editing the image unintentionally, the image disappears as if you hide the layer.


Hi Joaquin - what is the video card on your system? Is the driver up to date? Can you run SysyemInfo in Rhino and paste the results?



Hi Pascal,

After working for some minutes I found some randome behaviour, the Pictureframe (PF) appears and dissapears when you select other objects arround, with the PF layer locked or unlocked.

I’m updating the card drive, but this is the one I have at the moment.

Joaquin PC Specs- Dic 29.txt (1.6 KB)

Hm - driver is pretty new… I have the same one here on a P4000 and it all works so far - does this happen in a simple file, like with only the PF and a few objects? Perspective and Parallel views?


Well… with 386.01 driver the issue is gone.
I can’t repeat the problem now, but I think that the problem was with the parallel views only.


Hi Joaquin - OK, thanks, good to know, hopefully it will stay away now.