Location and Size

As a new user, I am finding doing new 2D drawing much more difficult than generated solids from existing shapes.

Is there a simple way to identify the attributes of a shape.

If I have a line, how long is it? What is the X,Y,Z coordinate of the center and end?
If I have a rectangle, how wide is it? Dittos?
If I have a circle, what is its radius?
If a shape is rotated, what is the rotation in each plane?

If I have a rectangle that is 1.1", how can I scale it to 1.25"? I see scale by percent but not to a specific size.

I can see the length of lines in the object panel but I have not found much in this regard.

The quickest way to find out the length, rotation, and radius of objects is to use the Length, Angle, and Radius commands. You can use these on subcurves as well.

You could also use any of the dimension commands and either Esc out of the command when you see your dimension or place the dimension and then delete it.

For the X,Y,Z coordinates you can use the What command.

For scaling of your rectangle. Run Scale1D. For Origin Point, pick one end of the 1.1" side. For first reference point, pick the other end of that side. For second reference point, enter 1.25".

Here is an illustration of the type of problem I am wrestling with.
Problem6.3dm (40.2 KB)

I want to have a line, with another line 1" shorter located 1/2" above and centered. then I want to connect with an arc centered with the Y coordinate at 15-1/2"

When I create the connecting arcs, I find they are not 1/2" radius/90 degrees.

I can see the top line is 1" shorter than the bottom line using the length command. This suggests to me that on of the lines is slightly off.

How do I fix that then (at least simply)?

On the system that created the file that this was based from, I would click the line. The system would then display the x,y,z coordinates and length of the line. If the line be slightly off center, I would just enter “15.6” and BOOM the line is where I want it.

What is the equivalent here?

Here’s another related problem:

After redrawing the above using construction lines, I have the shapes where [I think] I want them.

I then try PlanarSrf and I get this message:

Problem6.3dm (40.2 KB)

If I click OK I get this:

If I click OK, I get this messages

If I check the OBJECTS panel all four curves have the exact same X value for all their positions.

If I copy everything in the file to another file, I get the pop message but clicking OK creates the surface.

If I copy the four curves to their own file (attached above) and run PlanarSrf, I get no message and it easily creates a surface.

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the two lines. How exactly are you making the arc? I see that it is 90.05º with R0.4995…When I make a circle with center on the bottom line using .x and snapping to the end of the top line and using R0.5 the curves all join up correctly.

I added a little update above. I ended up redrawing the line using construction lines and circles. I wish there were a simpler way.

I was drawing the arcs with start/end/radius.

As I describe, that was the start of more problems. :slight_smile:

Yep, the mid points are slightly out of line. You can use Align, (VerticalCenters) to true them up, or Move with Mid osnaps and the Tab direction lock.


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