Specify size

Hi there, just got Rhino on my Mac. I am used to drawing in Autocad and Turbocad. I cannot figure out how to specify the length of a line or radius/diameter of a circle etc. Please advise.

Try this:
Start to draw your item, to the left there will be a column with various selections for inputs. One of them should suit your needs.


Start your line, type a value for length (this will be recognized automatically, no need to click the input field), position the line and confirm by setting a point. For a circle, setting the mid point and typing a diameter is sufficient.


Thanks, how do i specify the angle of a line?

Pretty obvious, click the “Angled” option and follow the instructions.

Sorry but I’m finding it extremely frustrating as I am new to this software.
I select angled line.
Type in 0 for the starting point.
Press enter.
End of base line is the next option.
I type in 50 which i would assume is the length of the line.
Press enter.
For pivot angle I type in 45 which would be the angle of the line.
Press enter and I get nothing.
and I’m attempting this in the “top” viewport.

I’ve never used Angled Line but the normal.


  • Type line
  • press 0 and enter
  • type <45 (< means under an angle and 45 degrees) and enter
  • type 50 (thats your length) and enter and click too accept

2nd way is:

  • Type Line
  • Press 0 and enter
  • use coordinates like @50,50,0 (@X,Y,Z (@means from current location)) press enter


This is where you go wrong. With “End of base line” you only have to specify the base line direction by setting a point. Then you specify the angle of your line (relative to the base line angle), and after that the required length. The last action is setting a point to define the direction (two possibilities).