Instant readout of width depth height diameter as a shape is

Still looking for a way of seeing the width depth height diameter of an object as I draw it in the lower window or somewhere, as I move the mouse I want to see values change. Not wanting to draw it then find out what its size was afterwards.
I am following vintage plans and by doing so I can see what the original may have been size wise, then I can create a shape with command line inputs.

Lets say there is a radiused curve corner, I can drag a circle out and as it starts to fit I see its becoming 15mm, aha I say, I’ll go with that, type 15 and hit enter.

Currently I have to keep trying out linear dimension which only displays a dimension after its finished.

I want on the fly readout, additional to x y z and angle lower left of screen.


Steve I know this is not perfect and perhaps no where near close to being a workaround for your larger goals but a decent cheat I’ve used a lot in case you haven’t: throw in a dim at your relevant starting point, then turn on the points for the dim and move those around. On the fly dimension readout!

Hi Steve- so, the overall bounding box dimensions as you create the object, is that what you are after? I am not getting how this will help you exactly- the fourth window, next to the coordinate read-out gives, for example line length as you draw a line or radius if you make an arc with the 3 point option- which is one way to fit arcs to a drawing cleanly and it does let you specify a radius if you see the readout getting close to a good number.