How to manually change the size of a rectangle?

No matter where I look, I can not find a place to manually change the size of a rectangle or any other shape, 2d or 3d.
What I want to accomplish is as follows: quickly draw a rectangle, then go into somewhere and be able to correct the size by typing in the numbers I want. See what that looks like, and then perhaps correct the size again or leave as is.

Anyone have any idea where this is located? Rhino for Windows has an option, but I can’t find it here.
Thank you.

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Do the Scale, Scale1D, or Scale2D commands help you at all? Check the Help for how to work them.

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This does not help, because I deal with numbers.
say I have a 1" wide rectangle and I want to make a quick change for it to be a 2" wide rectangle, I need a place to input the number 2" and for it to change to 2" from 1".

Select objects to scale:
Origin point: (select one corner of your rectangle)
Scale factor or first reference point: (select the other corner of your rectangle that you want to make 2")
Second reference point: 2 < enter >

In addition, if it is something simple like a rectangle, you can use boxEdit.

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Hi Izabela
Try the command MoveCrv
Ciao Vittorio

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No BoxEdit yet for the Mac version. :’(

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Oops, sorry about that. Need to pay more attention to the categories :smile:

Great command… thanks for pointing this out. I have not used this before. Too bad it’s not resolving my issue; I can move a crv from any place to another by pointing the mouse where I am moving it to, but still can not adjust measurements by typing in the number of inches or what not.

Hi Izabela
The attached picture tries to explain how you can change accurately.
Sizes the affected side before using MoveCrv. MoveCrv and enter the measurement in this way = (100-60.16) and hit enter

Ciao Vittorio

I see. That’s a good work-around the issue:) Thank you Vittorio!

A suggestion: choose the 3-point option. After setting the starting point, type a distance, say 1 inch. The second point will show up, but you can still change the dimension by simply typing another number. Then click to confirm the dimension/direction, and repeat the whole procedure for the third point. This gives you a chance to observe the aspect ratio of the rectangle, and change it if you don’t like it. At least you end up with a rectangle with known dimensions which makes it easier to change, e.g. with the PointsOn command, selecting and moving two corner points together.


Dont know if this is said already.

Use scale1D.
First point1, 2nd Point and type your distance what size it should be

Hi Izabela
Try the atached Python Script.
Hope help you
Ciao Vittorio (1.9 KB)

First, thank you for taking the time to write a script Vittorio:)

I ran it and I got a message pop up: Exception Occured
Message: unable to add point to document
Trackback: Line 61 in AddPoint, Line 59 in

I hope you know more about this than I do:)

Brilliant! And yes, I do feel quite silly right about now:) The simplest things are sometimes the most difficult to find:)
I guess that’s what happens when you work in another software and try to switch over with both being so similar and so different at the same time:) Thank you Jordy!

it worked! thank you!