Locate Revit Sheets in Real World Coordinates

Hey all,

i am looking to get some advice, direction on the best method to extract the location of a revit sheet such that it can be used to place the PDF version as an overlay on a model in Solibri, aka Revizto.

We have figured out an approach which uses the Crop Region, ViewPorts and Title Blocks to translate the Shared Coordinates from the Crop Region to the centre points of both ViewPort and TitleBlock.

On the face of it this appears to be working but is not pefect and i am worried this is to do with the potential that the ViewPort and Crop Region have differeing location and extents and hence centre points.

does anyone have any suggestions on how better this could be achieved? ie using ViewRange which is not something i have tried.
Or alternatively if anyone has any insight on whether doing it via the API would be a better approach.


Going back to the overall goal, I know that Dalux Revit pdfs coordinate with Model in a similar fashion. Surprised that Revizto doesn’t have that feature as well. Drawings and Models - Dalux

thanks for the reply @Japhy . it does in deed. that is what i am trying to replicated by understanding what data they use to position them in space. its cearly possible :smiley:

Does anyone have any insight into how they achieve it?

just following up on this @Japhy i think this is something that has been picked up before in this post Viewport location on a Sheet - #46 by hali
with @hali but am not sure what the offset solution was. Any insights would be appreciated as this would really enable a powerful workflow for those not using Revizto. :smiley:

What if the sheet has multiple views and scales? There are a lot of assumptions here.

R8-RiR_locate-Sheet-toModel.gh (13.3 KB)

Hi @Japhy. thats correct there are so many things in play here. What i just realised is when i pull the ViewPort i get conflicting geometry but in order to really get accurate info i need the details of the Green Rectangle as show in the image.

This is just a simple plan view in Revit with no crops, or scope boxes so just a plane view port. But what happens if i get the rectangle of that object it includes the Title Line which gives a false offset.
is there a way to just get the Green box? it must be there some how as its previewed?

@Japhy When i change the view to be Cropped then the title is within the main bounds the given rectangle is more reflective of the actual size but then there is still the smaller dotted offset from the green. What is that offset representing and would it be possible to deconstruct this into its component parts? If we can then i think this would crack it. Here is hoping :smiley:

Did the example above not work for you?

There could be other factors happening in your model that could throw this off. If you post a small example we can take a look.

@Japhy, it did work but only if i had a crop view selected in the ViewPort. This is not a given for all sheets though. Hence my question about the green box. I have also now tested it on a project file and sadly its not giving the correct results.
i have reattached the script i used which is an edit of the one you flicked across.
R7-RiR_locate-Sheet-toModel_cmp.gh (20.0 KB)
I have attached a link to a one drive for the Revit Model in question. Its 2024 version.
The sheet i was sheet i was testing is 3581

As you can see the rotation is wrong.

if you can send me an email i will provide a link to the model to download as its quite large to share here even after trying to reduce.

That adds a few additional variables, the view can be rotated on the Sheet as well as be aligned to True North. You may want to deal with that one separately (its own GH definition).

would appreciate some insight @japhy, I can send you a link to model.
its actually not the rotation that’s the problem i feel its the viewport and title that creates an odd representation of where the view actually is.

Is there another way to achieve the same result with what’s available?

This an example of the result when i transfer the data to the PDF sheet version and overlay with model.
As you can see the slight offset in both X and Y is due from what i can tell that the ViewPort Size takes into account the Title Element and as such when you transform that using the Crop Region location there is a mis match.

just not sure if or how that can be ignored but it must be possible.

Note that the Title block left corner location needs to be at 0,0 or else things start moving around

Hard to know if its landin, but its looking OK according to the property lines

R7-RiR_locate-Sheet-toModel-V2.gh (15.7 KB)

thanks @Japhy really appreciate you looking into this further with me. I just tested the script you shared and i believe the offset is still there. It even seems to me that in the image above you shared that is true as well. I have to add i think this maybe related to the file more so than the process.

this is the test i just ran and you can see the model is still offset from the drgs similarly to what i think you got