Grasshopper previews - Can they be printed from a sheet?

I just dived into this new world and trying to figure out what can or can’t be done.
The preview comes up in the sheet but seems to disappear when I print to PDF

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You are right, unfortunately those kind of previews are not visible while printing.
It seams a limitation because of the way are implemented, we should explore other ways of enabling this but currently is not possible.

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Using revit to document a hybrid revit - rhino project is the most obvious use case for this integration. Revit is very powerfull when it comes to project documentation, so it would be only natural to be able to print the preview from rhino to pdf inside revit. Especially in eary phases of a project. Normally revit works on a what you see is what you get principle. This was the first thing I tested in revit when trying the preview functions.

I can’t see how this would possibly work with revit, with annotations and view scaling being fundamentally disconnected in the programs.

View scaling seems to work fine as per normal in revit. Plans sections elevations also work as far as I have tested. Since 90% of our work is done in revit and only the initiat phases of the projects are done in rhino it would be a great addition to our workflow to be able to keep documentation in one place. Use rhino for conceptual and complex modelling of facades and visualizations, which it is best for. Live linking geometry to revit and using revit to create and control sheets. We usually end up having to redraw everything in revit which is just double work. It has also always a pain over the years to get rhino geometri properly imported into revit. I would prefer to link and still be able to snap to faces and edges. So this preview functionality seems to work like live linking. I am staying positive with this integration and development, especially as I am a long term revit user and BIM manager at a large architects firm who has a hybrid CAD/BIM environment to deal with on a daily basis.

To preview brep in one thing, but the next request would be that a hatch work (which would be annotative scaled), adding a direct shape or family is going to give you the print control you need, leveraging object styles, annotative scaling etc.

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