Deploying Plugin Toolbars for Rhino for Mac

what is the recommended way to deploy a custom toolbar along with plugins for MacOS?
Is there something like a .rui file?
I tried to save and restore from the .plist file. But that messed up my rhino and it seems to include to much information…

If you put a .rui file with the same file base name as your plug-in in the same folder it will be picked up on loading the plug-in. RUI files can be created from the workspace editor: Tools > Toolbar Editor. This opens the toolbar editor. Create a new RUI file (File>New), select it and choose Tools > workspace editor.

Be warned: I find editing RUI files comparable to stabbing yourself repeatedly with a fork. It is counter-intuitive, error-prone and generally not user-friendly. But once you have a RUI file, you can close the workspace editor, have a stiff drink and never look back :wink:

Hi @menno,
are you sure this is how it goes for MacOS (Rhino for Mac). Because i can not find any such functionality…
I did this for windows, no problem. But even creating custom toolbars is completely different on the Mac.

@johnm, is this anything you know about?

Sorry, no idea how this should work on Mac. My bad for not reading the title fully.

RUI files are not currently supported on Mac Rhino.

Hi @JohnM
Is there another way to do it?

Did you already find this?


Hi @jdhill
This seems to be it.
How did i miss this? Thank you!
I will mark it as a solution when tested.

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so this kind of works. I have some issues.

Every time I restart Rhino, the tool pallet is gone. And it is not listed under “Window>Active Tool Palettes”. But when I run the corresponding command via command line it shows under “Window>Active Tool Palettes” and can be loaded. Strangely, when I change language setting for rhino it loads fine on restart (one time).

Maybe unrelated: When following the guide by @dan I could not see any “Build section” in the properties of my .plist file as described in point 7 under “Add the Palette to your Project” so I just marked “Quick Properties>Copy to Output Directory” and “Build Action>EmbeddedResource”.

Here the installer. Maybe someone can reproduce the behaviorFJ_FreeJewelsToolbar.macrhi (3.3 MB)

I think you just need to change the plugin to load at startup (override plugin.LoadTime).

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