Live coding stream


I was thinking of attempting a few live coding streaming sessions. In some good six hours I’ll give it a try over at Live Coding Rhino Plug-in - YouTube. I’ll be setting up a very simple plug-in using VSCode and dotnet, along with the RhinoCommon nuget package for Rhino 7.12. The stream is scheduled to start at 22:30 EET, or 20:30 UTC.

I have a rough script along which I’m going to go over this. I am currently thinking of doing about an hour long session now.

If you feel this may be interesting to you just hop on into the chat then and we’ll see where the stream takes us. I hope it’ll be fun - for me to show how I work, and for you to get some insight in my thought and work processes.

I don’t expect to finish a full command during this first session, but we’ll make the journey together.

Also, mistakes will be made.


Oh great!
In six hours I’ll be sleeping, but if you leave it as video on yt, I’d happily watch it tomorrow!
Thanks! great idea

Very nice
I hope you make an example of rhinoinside any softwate and what’s possible and impossible.

I certainly will leave it up on YT!

That is a great idea for a future stream. This one will be starting a simple plug-in, though.


I shared the link in Facebook Grasshopper group, many people there would like to watch the video.

In the future I can also do specifically GH plug-in streams.


This will be great, thank you

Good initiative! Please share it in the # :red_circle: | streamings channel GH’s Discord server, even if it is a RH plugin, you can get some audience from there.


Ah yes, good idea. Will share.

Conveniently, this will start during my lunch break. I’ll try to tune in!

The first live code streaming session is now in the history books. Thanks for all who joined in to watch the first part.

I’ll post a new topic when I am going to do the second stream, sometime next week. likely.

I hope the pace is good enough. Essentially I’m there just talking out loud and typing at the same time. There is a rough script, but other than that I am kinda making things up on the spot, as I would on a normal work-day. Not that I start this kind of plug-ins often.

But I will do live code streaming sessions of my work with RhinoCycles rewrite for Rhino 8. If you like me talking out loud what I think while doing the work you should stay tuned!