Live Coding Rhino #2

As promised in Live coding stream here a new topic with announcement of upcoming second live coding stream. The stream is scheduled for 10:30 local time (EET), meaning 08:30 UTC. It’ll run for a good hour.

I’ll be continuing where I left off the previous stream. The pace will be the opposite of neck-breaking, so no fear of being left behind!

This will be streamed simultanously to my account, something I haven’t done before. So it’ll be fun to see how that goes…


In the second stream I implemented a simple command that asks the user for a location and dimensions. On acceptance a box brep at specified location and with given dimensions is added.

At the end I also did a bit of live bug-fixing of RhinoCycles for Rhino 7.

Next stream I’ll be adding a display conduit that will show a box with given parameters before it is added to the document.

In future streams the box will be created as a custom object that can be manipulated using a simple panel that is to be added also on a later date. A bit like a parametric box I suppose.

In some future stream I’ll also be looking into adding some localization. How that works for a third party plug-in I have no idea yet, so we’ll learn together (:

The code after todays stream is at rhics/jesterLiveCode at 8b98652aca030dae030b493a94dc913ebbeec7fd · jesterKing/rhics · GitHub .


I’ve added chapters to the stream, so you can more easily skip around to the places you may be interested in.