Live Coding Rhino #5

It is almost time for the next episode following Live Coding Rhino #4.

Episode 5 is scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday, December 15th at 10:30 EET / 08:30 UTC.

We’ll dive yet another step deeper into the wonderful world of programming plug-ins for Rhino.

Join me for more coding at a mellow pace and help me in chat when I am doing things wrong!

If you are more into Twitch than YouTube you can join around that time at .


The stream is a wrap. I did not manage to get Localization working during the stream. But not long after the stream had ended I realized the problem. This I fixed after the stream just before I pushed, so the state below in the repository has a working Localization.

In todays episode we found out how we can make Rhino accept other languages than those that are known by the Rhino installer. For the plug-in I am going to work on adding Finnish and Dutch localizations. Maybe not the most useful, since the rest of Rhino will still be in English. But it’ll be fun. The Finnish localized name of the first command jesterBox is now a fact. It is called jesterLaatikko.

The code for this has landed and can be seen at rhics/jesterLiveCode at 8182f80018970c57752144a971e70ae401bbefb3 · jesterKing/rhics · GitHub .

The literate program in readable HTML page can be accessed at

During the stream I did not type out the steps I figured out to add the translation. Instead I will add appropriate text to the literate document off-stream and highlight those during the next one.

I couldn’t find good documentation on how to utilize the Localization tools provided by RhinoCommon, so I hope that through our live coding sessions we will end up with a good chapter on that topic.

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Hey, just in case someone is wondering: Live Coding Rhino live streams are on a break. I’ll continue in 2022, when the kids are no longer home 24/7. Having my working space in the living room does have its drawbacks (:


This year’s Live Coding was very useful and I enjoyed it.
I’m looking forward to seeing jesterKing’s Live Coding again next year.