Live Coding Rhino #3

I’ve scheduled the next installment of my live coding streams, continuing from Live Coding Rhino #2.

The third installment is scheduled for Wednesday, December the 1st at 10:30 EET, also known as 08:30 UTC.

Join me as this time we get started with a DisplayConduit. It has been a long time since I last wrote one, so things to re-learn!

As always the pace will be slow and mellow. There will be ample room for mistakes and finding the correct way of doing things. The chat will be open for questions, to which I will do my best to respond during the stream.

If you are more into Twitch than YouTube you can follow the stream also over at


There, third stream done (and lunch eaten). This time around I: 1) first have the wrong title image when I started the stream - this I noticed only at the very end, 2) didn’t get debugging to work as wanted, 3) had a bug that took some time to realize, and finally 4) wrote a functional display conduit for the first command.

I’ll be adding chapters for faster episode navigation later.