Little bug in Transparency Mesh

Hi to all,

I’m not new in GH, but I’m positing this little problem cause I think could be a bug.

What I want to do is give a transparency gradient to a mesh. In my personal laptop the same simple definition is working but in my working PC the transparency is visualized in white instead of giving alpha values.

Is it happened to someone else?
Here at work I have a 90days trial version of Rhino6 in italian. At home I have Rhino 6 in english.


You can see partial transparency on meshes in a Rhino anywhere? I didn’t think that was possible at all. It’s on the list (RH-49604) but I have no idea when we’ll get around to this.

Yes @DavidRutten, I can see transparency through GH if I use Brep/surfaces or if I explode the meshes, but it’s an heavy calculation and I need to avoid it.

Normal gradients with colours work, but transparency has this problem.

Sorry but I cannot open that “list” you attached.


My bad, I didn’t realise the item was not public.

Transparency works for entire meshes when they are drawn with a transparent material, but as far as I know transparency in mesh vertex colours has never worked.

So, the fact that in my personal laptop was working is stranger than the fact that in my working PC is not? :smiley:

Sorry, for the bad quality of the photo!

Wow cool. @stevebaer any idea what might be going on?

hahah WTF I though to have found a bug instead it’s an hidden ability? ahah :smiley:

Maybe I was not that precise, but to be sure you understood: it’s not baked in Rhino, it’s still a GH preview that one, I don’t remember if it has the transparency but I think so!

I am having the same problem… Any idea about how you fixed it?

Can you upload the file giving you this issue?