Problem identifying objects from imported Revit File

Hello all,

I have a model in Revit, which I exported as DWG with ACIS solids. I have imported it into Rhino without problem, and now I want to use select part of the model in Grasshopper.
I used the Brep “Set multiple breps”, I have no problems with the Walls and Floors. But with the windows it keeps displaying the message “A referenced brep could not be found in the Rhino document”.

I cannot figurate out what’s the problem. Has anyone got this problem before?

Btw, I know about Rhino.inside Revit. But it only works with Rhino 7, so at the moment I have to do it on this way.

Here I attach the DWG file of the building.
Building Model.dwg (998.2 KB)


Families come in as blocks. You’ll need to selBlocks and explode a few times, or use the decompose block component from elefront

@ dharman

I’m not trying to import families, but a full model. The windows are simple glaze without frame (I have simplified everything for the test).
I have modified my first message and upload the DWG file of the model, if you can have a look.


Sorry I’m not at a computer right now. If you select the window element in the imported model in rhino, what does the rhino commandline say you have selected?

It’s usually a block. Explode the block then select the sub element

@ dharman

You were right. It was a block.

After exploding it I could select it as a brep in Grasshopper.

Thanks a lot.