Linework to make shapes

Hi all, I have a set of points and lines that I want to connect for digital fabrication. The group in blue is what I have so far. I want to achieve a shape such as the image attached. The center leaves room for a central core that will connect all floors on my physical model. I was wondering how to manipulate the points and linework so that they are only connected to the points of the same plane. I have tried flattening and grafting. I also want to translate these shapes and the structural column curves (grouped in red) onto OpenNest sheets via boundary surfaces on the same sheets. Your help is appreciated, thanks.

flatten (39.8 KB)

I suggest focusing first on creating the tower structure and keep the OpeNest code out of the picture .

Make it obvious where to look when opening the file by disabling preview of supporting geometry.

Avoid flatten until you understand data tree structures. Can you create this shape for just one floor?

I see, thanks for the advice.

One of the first things I did today in your other thread about this tower (7 threads so far?) was swap the sequence of moving polygons, from this:

to this:

Because I wanted the plane on each floor for other reasons. Among them is having the center point for each floor without resorting to Area ‘Centroid’.

Looking again at flatten in this thread, I found two sets of geometry that look useful for making the shape(s) in your image: hexagons and circles. The first thing I notice from the text panels is that the list of circles is flattened while the hexagons are grafted. Both have the same number of items (15) so no problem to graft the circles to get them to match,

flatten linework

The next thing is more problematic though. The circles are not on the same planes as the hexagons. This won’t work to make your shape from them.

There are many ways to fix that but the best way is to avoid the problem by creating the circles in the same plane as the hexagons, before you move them (if you must?).

And on and on it goes. I use temporary text panels frequently to see the data trees emerging from each component, to make sure they match before the next component. They can’t be ignored!

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See if this makes sense? When I internalized the geometry, the data trees seemed to change and broke the code, requiring some extra ‘Simplify’ steps. I don’t know if these are the surfaces you want, but the shape is there in the Join Curves component, however you want to use it.

flatten (24.4 KB)

I got the curves from your code but didn’t try to integrate it, this is stand-alone.

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Thank you for all the help, Joseph. I really appreciate it.