Lineweights and corners

Hi. I am curious if when working in layout lineweights have to look like this?

That screengrab is of a layout with lines ranging from hairline to 0.25. The corners represent both lines that are individual objects, as well as closed polylines. When output to a PDF all the corners and ends get rounded.

It would be nice to have a feature similar to Illustrator where the corner type can be specified. Would also be nice to preview whatever the print/PDF output is while in Layout.

I know, I am being picky, but mainly just curious if there are some settings that I am missing.



Hi C - in the V8 WIP you get to set this per linetype.


Thanks Pascal. I will give that a look. Yesterday I had a near disaster with the V8 WIP. I updated the WIP and immediately opened a V7 file that it immediately overwrote even though it said it was going to wait, and even though I had immediately Saved As a different file. Luckily I was able to dig through some previously saved versions to find an umolested version to get back to an operable V7 version. I have not submitted a bug report yet because I want to try again after restarting and such.

Good to know that tuning the lineweights is coming.