Lineweight issue with pen style in rhino 6


I am trying to use the penstyle for presenting a 3d model. I am using rhino 6 because Rhino 5 has issues showing block instances. This is leading to a weird issue. In Rhino 5, I am able to get high resolution and thin lineweights, while in 6, they always show as thick blurry lines (no matter how I change the settings). Is this just an issue with the program? Is there anything I can do? see example (both have exact same settings)rhino5.pdf (139.1 KB)
rhino6.pdf (412.6 KB)

Also, I am printing with Adobe PDF in both instances (I cant use another as I am using a school PC).


Hello - can you please show a screen shot of the Print settings for linetypes and line widths?

Also, please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post the output here…