Linetype scale problem of layout prints in Rhino8


I have some 2D drawings created in Rhino7. Also They had printed as pdf files from layout by Rhino7 without any scale problem. Now Rhino8 give print-outs of same drawing layouts with overscaled linetype patterns. I tried lots of settings combinations.

Hi Boa,

Are you on the most recent 8.6? please run SystemInfo in the Rhino command line and post your results.

If you are on the latest we may need a file to look at as well. Thanks

Hi Japhe,
Here is the Systeminfo txt file

SystemInfo.txt (2.9 KB)

Rhino 8 SR5 2024-3-12

Please change your update frequency to release candidates and let that download a more recent version.

Legend Schematic.3dm (296.5 KB)
Hi Wim,

I just change the frequency and install the last Release 6. But notthing is chaged. Here is a test file from my original drawing and a crop view of old print that printed by Rhino7.

Hi Boa -

In Rhino 8, please print layout “A0” to PDF and post that file here.

Legend Schematic.pdf (41.2 KB)
this is the pdf print-out. I also upload screenshots from Print settings.

Hi Boa -


If I understand the issue correctly, you are reporting that, in Rhino 8, the linetype pattern is not shown.

That’s correct. In Rhino 8, a bug was fixed and linetypes are now drawn in layouts according to their definition. Since all linetypes involved in this legend are defined to have a starting segment of 300 mm, and the lines representing those styles all are just shy of 300 mm on paper, only the first segment of those patterns are drawn in the available space.

While Rhino 8 now works as it should, this clearly messes up files that are created in earlier versions. In 8.6, an option was added to scale patterns that are displayed on a layout as they would have been in Rhino 7:


Checking the “Use model units” will make them appear as they did in pre-8 versions.

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I don’t understand why they broke something that was working properly. Unfortunately, one of the issues that disgusted me from AutoCAD has come to Rhino. But at least they saved the situation a little this way. I would never have found this without you. Thank you very much