Linetype printing to scale broken

@stevebaer I guess:

Like pointed out in another topic already something is wrong when adjusting a printer dpi setting.
that topic was about the resolution of shaded viewports.

Today I found that setting a higher DPI scaled the linewidth as well:
This IMO should not happen as the linewidths should print at absolute units

here are 2 screenshots of the same layoutpage printed in vector at different DPI settings in the printer (PDF-Creator)


Thicknesses at the lowest level are defined in dots. If you have a one inch thick line printed at 150dpi, then the line thickness would need to be output at 150 dots wide. If you have a one inch thick line printed at 1200 dpi, then the line thickness would need to be output at 1200 dots wide.

What you are showing does look like a bug, but I’m having trouble figuring out just what is happening. I test this functionality pretty darn heavily during both the V4 and V5 development cycle. A bug may have crept in, but this is the first time I’ve heard of this. Could you send me your test file so I can see exactly what you are seeing?

Hi Steve,

Here’s a test file and the resulting pdf’ (18.8 KB)
I made a line with printwidth of 1 inch and set the pdf printer to different DPI’s
The PDF printer is PDFCreator I did not test any other pdf printers yet.

The preview of the print width is always correct
However in the PDF, at 300DPI and above the thickness of the red line is too small.

the thickness of the line goes from 25.4mm (1 inch) to 3.725mm

At this point I thought to test printing to an image file (the build in one)

Than all goes well up until 600 DPI when the red line starts to loose parts of the shape:

Still I wanted to see if it was not the printer, so I installed Bullzip PDF printer and that one as well printed the thin lines at 300DPI and up. However it is also based on Ghostscript so I went to look for a PDF printer other than a ghostscript based one.
PrimoPDF had the same issue.

I leave this for now before I start checking on amnyh other printers and the issue is at Rhino’s end.
Let me know if you need more info.


An unrelated issue I found is that with PrintDisplay set to ON.
When selecting a line with thickness, the size of that line when select-highlighted gets thicker (sometimes thinner):
Same line thickness one selected:

Thanks for the detailed post. I added this to our bugtracker so I know that I need to look into the issue.

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