Lines Between Points in GH

Hi Experts I hope you all doing well and wish you and your family good Health.
Again i needed some help to draw lines between points at opposite side. and then extrude by 4mm.
Attached are files and a snapshot for your understanding.
Post (13.8 KB) Base Plates_East.3dm (767.0 KB)
Due to time restriction and busy schedule it will take me more time so figured out but your knowledge and expertise will make is more easier to carry on.

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Muhammad Ismail

Check this:

Post (22.2 KB)

Your first and last part seem to be oriented wrong. You can rotate their base surfaces in the Rhino file.
Also at least one surface won’t be planar…

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Thank you Martin Siegrist.
it looks fine. the end one’s not important so will ignore and delete.
i will check in deep details but thanks alot for your time and help again.

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Muhammad Ismail

HI Martin
this is outcome as the screens looks unmatched with parapet (Red color shown) as they must match along with top of parapet. i am thinking about making offsets of the post and draw the boundary so when post change orientation then screen boundary too rotate accordinly. I hope you can help to understand this and sort it out. i am also trying of my side.

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The surfaces are on different heights. You can extend the curves and use an offset of the redish surface or brep to trim the curves at the bottom end. You have the same problem at the top… Every other steel piece is too high

Thanks Martin

yes you are right i noticed it later and corrected the heights of some posts that were alternative so this might resulted with that situation. else the last 2 post on each side also not necessary and i deleted them.
Thanks very much for your help and have nice day ahead.

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Muhammad Ismail