Lines are pixelated (Jagged)


I am using Rhino 5.0 64 bit and the lines in perspective viewpoint are pixelated and fuzzy.
Is there are anyone who can fix this problem? How can I make the lines look more clear and sharp
This is how is it look now

Please help me :frowning:

Hi Harim - can you please post an image of the OpenGL page in Options> View > OpenGL?




Hi Harim - I’d expect that to work well - what is your monitor set-up like? One or multiple monitors? What resolution?


It is Dual Monitor with 1902 x 1200 resolution.
The graphic card is NVIDIA Quadro 4000

Hi Harim - I’d expect that to work but try, just as a test, disconnecting the secondary monitor - does that make any difffernce?


Oh! I fixed it!!
The graphic card was setted up as Performance. I changed to quality and its works perfectly well now.

Thank you so much to helping me Pascal!!

Hi Harim - what setting did you change? In the NVidia control panel?



I know this is an old thread but I’ve followed all the recomendations including setting the Nvidia to quality - lenovo laptop with GTX1050i - and i still get unnacceptable jaggies. It’s driving me nuts

How did you find these settings?

To get that same dialog box:
On your desktop, right-click and select NVIDIA Control Panel
Then select "Adjust Image Settings with Preview` in the list on the left side:


Thank you! I found the settings, but Im not getting the same options as you are getting… Im only getting this (its in Danish… sorry)

The option "administrer 3D-indstillinger " (manage 3D settings) is unavailable… can you help me the settings?