Lines are not straight

Hey, it would be great if someone can help me with that, I dont know if you can see but lines dont look like a smooth curve but looks like many tiny line, maybe the pixel causing problens?

And also when I dont touch anythong for few moment then trying to move with my mouse, it gets stuck for 1 second and then react.

Hello @Yehuda_Daniel,

Could you paste the text from Help -> System Information...?

Also, what value is Anti-aliasing set to in Tools -> Options... -> View -> OpenGL?

Where can I find the "system information?
Is it at the top left corner inside “Help” ? Because I couldnt find it there.

Type “SystemInfo” at the command line.

Ah, wait - according to your image, you’re on Rhino V5… SystemInfo doesn’t exist.

Hello - you might try reinstalling the video driver - get the latest available from the NVidia website and maybe even follow their instructions for a ‘clean install’.