Linear dimension resetting after I click into model space

Hi guys,

I’m dimensioning a model in layouts but every time I click through to the model space from layouts, the dimensions reset to 0 when I click back in - 0 - 1/4", 0-1/2"
Seems a little strange. Ever happen to anyone else? Model attached.Standing_desk.3dm (10.9 MB)

Are you trying to activate the Layout Detail? You should not, just leave it deactivated and snap to the objects you want to dimension, and Rhino will recognise the scale of your Layout Detail and dimension accordingly.
It is best to lock the scale of the detail, click on the edge of it and open the Properties Inspector panel. Scroll down to Scale and click the locking field.
Note that the above will work on Ortho viewports only, not on Perspective viewports.


Thanks Max, I snap to the objects in layout for the initial dimensioning and it all works fine. I have also already locked the scale as you mention. I clicked through accidentally by double clicking and when I came back out I noticed the dimensions had reset themselves to zero. Still not sure why… It’s an easy fix to redimension this particular model but you SHOULD be able to click through to the model space to move things around and click back with no changing, I thought.

Rory, I cannot reproduce that behaviour, the dimensions seem to be pretty stable, even after moving the dimensioned object about (when the dimensions were added with History on), they follow the object when moved, and even update when rotated. The only time something went funny is when I dimensioned the height of a cube, then reduced that height with “MoveFace”. The dimension then reset to 0 and moved to an odd place.


Ok Maxz, thanks for checking it out.