Linear array option

same link

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i have tons of python scripts without that encoding line, why is it necessary in yours?

You need it if any characters are found in the script that are not standard ASCII 128 - i.e. any letters with accents or other special characters. Typical if you localize commands in languages that contain these characters.

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me too, I am not sure why this happens, but Micha got some error that said ‘non-asci-character being used’ and I remembered seeing encoding being used elsewhere. Maybe @Dancergraham knows

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Be careful with “curly quotes”, those will do it too.

nice. thanks mitch

but can you see for example in that script what the non-ascii codes are?

Debugger should tell you on which line it is anyway…

Yes I am in the habit of using it for my French language scripting. I use python 3 outside rhino so I have fewer problems with character encoding.

Thank you for the script @Gijs

@pascal I would prefer if such a basic function would be added per SR because I afraid a new version of Rhino will break something and updating and fixing a large collection of scripts … . :wink: