Question using Arrays

Is there a feature when using arrays that will allow the user to pick where the array is to end, this way it fills the space in between the beginning and ending points a user has chosen?

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Hi ShubinJ- no, not yet anyway, this is something we’ve discussed for V6; I do not know how likely or unlikely that is yet.



I would like to see this feature as well.

Install the attached plug-in. Then run “LabsArray.”

Does this help? (64.1 KB)

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Dale thanks. Pretty good and pretty darn close. It doesn’t place an item at the end point. Also when I chose the x-span (Fill span)… the array will either fill between the object and where I click and sometimes span past where I click - meaning not filling between the object and click point, but beyond. I am still appreciative though! I think this is a good start and a great item, just needs a few tweaks perhaps.

It seems like you should be using “Total Offset” instead. Not sure what “Fill Span” does…

Fill Span allow you to constrain the output to fill a linear length, rectangular area or cubic volume.

Fill Span seems to be working fine for me. Awesome.

As opposed to what? Sorry Dale, I’m clearly suffering from sleep deprivation…

Hi Wim- as opposed to an array of objects based on the base point only- for instance, array a box in +X only - fill span lets you set start point and the far end of the array, so the last box fits inside the span. Try setting X distance to 100, then poking on the radio buttons to see how this affects the array - TotalOffset will place the last box outside the 100 units span - it’s left corner will be on 100 and the box extends off to the right, for example; Fill span will make sure all boxes fit inside the 100 units. Does that make sense?


But is there a way to have it array an object at the chosen end point as well? I can’t seem to get this to do that with any of the possible distance and direction settings. I can post a video if needed. Thanks

Hi ShubinJ
I guess I am not sure what you mean here- can you make an image or example Rhino file with objects arranged as you like?



Seems to be working for me. It puts a object at the end point.

'Course with point objects, ‘Fill span’ and ‘Total offset’ are identical. But it works with boxes - Fill span will put the right edge of the last box on the end point and Total offset will put the left edge on the end point.


Ahh I see

I guess this is where fill could get confusing.

I image to do fill it’s determining the total “width” of the object, but what it doesn’t do is take into account the relation from the start point to width. If that make sense. Although not sure when you would want this.

If you calculate the BoundingBox around the resulting circles, you will see that the dimension in the x-direction matches your “X Span”…

Yeah but I don’t know when you would ever want this. This I think is what people would expect. Maybe?

Rhino File

Hi Dale
I like this plugin
Ciao Vittorio

Hi Dale,

Great !! This is what Array should look like ! Keep -Array as a command line access with the new options… Ditto for Polar, AlongCurve, etc. all should have dialog interface and preview with -dash command line versions…

Thanks, --Mitch

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