Line with specific dimension between two curves


I have two curved and I would like to find a third curve that intersect with those previous two curved when the line has an specific dimension.

I have received some technical drawings that apparently are not 100% accurately. I just know the line that touches those two needs to have 25mm.
Not sure if this command exist or I need to do eye guess. But worth to ask.

Thanks so much

There is infinite number of solutions but only one when line X is perpendicular to the Line 2. Is that a required condition?
If so, just offset line 2 with required X distance and from intersection with line 1 draw perpendicular line to the line 2.
Solution is banal, so I’m afraid I misunderstood you.

Hello - in 2d a circle of line length centered on the desired start point of the line will show you (intersection) the locations of the end point of the line on the other curve. In 3d, a sphere.


And if the restriction is a horizontal line of 25 mm, copy the left line and move it 25 mm to the left, ortho on. Draw a line from the intersect point with the other line, to the right with ortho still on, until you hit the intersect point with the left line. Delete the copy. All assuming it is a 2D drawing.

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It might be that I was stressed and asked something stupid too…that happens often with me hahaha

Thanks Pascal! The only problem is that the “desired start point” should be driven by the only point that describes a horizontal line of 25 mm. I think @maxz proposal might work.
At the end I realise I was quite stressed and was more a logical thing than a command issue…
Thanks for your patience!

Eureka. Thanks so much for this :slight_smile: and sorry for the disturbance for such a stupid question

Ah! I got it! The whole day I was working in 3D and wrongly assumed it is perspective drawing :face_with_raised_eyebrow: We all have a senior moments now and then.

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