Point on 2 curves at a specific distance between them

Hi all,
Is there any command in which I can get the exact point between the 2 curves, in which the distance is “x”?? I need for this example to know the exact point, in which the distance between the 2 curves is 10cm.

I have an airfoil of 10cm, and need to position it at a specific point between the curves, in which the “chord” is 10cm.

Many thanks!

Hello - this looks like it needs to include a direction, correct? 10 cm in a particular direction?


Hi Pascal!
Yes, you are right… the black curve (10cm length), needs to slide/flow between the two red curves at 90 degrees (as it is) till the point where it reaches the 2 curves.

How would you do it?

It is valid for me to get the points on each curve, in which the distance between them is 10cm… and then move the curve to that point

Hello - I think just copy the base curve 10 units in that direction and look for an intersection with the target curve.


Thank you Pascal… problem solved! too many hours in front of the computer sometimes is not good at all!! hahaha

Many thanks for your help :wink: