Create a line with a specific length between 2 curves


I need a line that intersects 2 curves and have a specific length (This need to be on vertical position)

Any idea?

Thanks a Lot


I think in this case you might simply Offset the upper line down(well more generally along the direction you want the length to be) by 5 units to get an intersection point you can snap to when drawing the line.

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Hi Jesus,

try this:

EDIT: 2 should be 5 in your example

Or copy both to their respective side and find the intersections like so:



One way to do this is shown in the enclosed file. First draw a vertical 5mm line starting anywhere on the red line. Then copy the red line from point A to B. Then copy or move the vertical line from point B to C.

5mmVert.3dm(27.5 KB)


simple and effective. Thanks you so much


Nice example. Thanks you


nice explanation. Thank you so much