Line weights exaggerated in pdf

Hi, my line weights become very chunky and exaggerated in PDF export. There are details that look normal on drawing but blow up after printing (screenshot). My desired scale is 1:200, I tried 1:50 they look alright (screenshot). Thanks

This was true 9 years ago, Rhino5 for Mac. I have not checked it on R8 yet:
Every line with “Default”-width is printed with the specified default width in the printing panel, all lines with their own Print Width property value, or an inherited width from a layer or parent object are printed with that width.

Edit: judging by the print preview on R8 it still works that way, so give some of the lines that appear blown up a specified line width rather than “default”, and try again.

Thank you Maxz I’ll try that hopefully it resolves the problem.

Hi Max, the default line width was set as “Hairline”, I changed around to other options but pdf still came out the way. On each specific layers in my file Ive already set print width for these lines (screenshot) I’m not sure where it goes wrong.

Ive just tried 1:50 it comes out very decent.

Hi Vy -

Yes, those screenshots don’t help much trying to find out what’s going on.
Please post both the output of the Rhino SystemInfo command and a simple 3dm file that you are having problems with.