Objects drawn on cplane invisible

I have an on-going random problem that has been around for a year or more…
currently i’m on sr9 64 on windows 7.

Not always, but over time, i’ll draw something (2D eg a circle, line etc) on the cplane (using project in one of the ortho views), and it will not be visible. ie, as soon as its drawn, it just goes away.
If I window select the area, it is highlighted, so its still there, but wont show up.

Ive tried turning off open GL - no difference. no difference regardless of what view mode (wireframe, ghosted etc).

If i select the objects and copy and paste them into a new rhino instance, all is good but after a random time, it will happen again.

It may be related to an earlier post ages ago, where similar 2D objects on the cplane were displayed dashed…although this hasn’t happened for a while…

I cannot see any consistent thing that makes it happen, i cant reproduce it at will…

just the ghost in the machine, but its damn annoying…


Hi Tony- are there other objects in the file that are not on the plane? Can you send me a file in this bad state when you get one?


What graphics card do you have? Check Options > View > OpenGL.

Thanks Pascal - yes, there are plenty of other objects around and not on the cplane, all show up fine…
I will send you a file next time it happens, but i dont know if you will be able to see it - shutting down rhino, and then re-opening the file makes the problem go away, until next time it happens.
I am assuming it is more to do with this computer rather than rhino itself…?

@ margeret

The machine is a Toshiba satellite laptop - this is the video card info:

Would this be that issue where occasionally for whatever reason your camera in parallel views gets moved into orbit? Go to viewport properties and see if the camera location is a bunch of crazy scientific notation numbers.

Wow - hadnt heard of that one - I have made a note of this, and next time the incident happens, i will check the camera.

Thanks Jim

Instead of shutting down Rhino and re-opening, see what happens if you close the offending viewport and then re-open your viewport layout.

Yeah, good idea - that would probably work, as might cutting to a new instance of rhino, then recutting and pasting back…