CPlane not appearing in Top or Right views


I am trying to move the CPlane with All switched on, but it is failing to render in the Top View:

I also noticed that the CPlane in Perspective is not the Top View CPlane, the global X-Y plane, which it usually is:

The Front View does have the CPlane, for some reason:

Are you sure it doesn’t have it somewhere away on the side?

Well, I always turn the All=Yes option on as I am moving it. I noticed in the Top View that, when I try to place the CPlane, a red stop sign appears.

Hi Evan - that means you are looking at that plane edge-on. Prolly why you can’t see it as well.


Huh, okay. So the CPlane in the Top View then was somehow rotated? In the Top View, I tried using the CPlane -> Rotate -> X -> 90 commands, but the CPlane did not drop down into the view. I was able to do this in Perspective view, however.

Have you tried CPlane V Enter in one of the views it’s missing from?

I have tried that. If I do CPlane then V, once I type V and hit enter, Rhino kicks me out of the CPlane options back to the default command line.

How large is your pointcloud file? I wonder if you could zip it and post it here.

Hi Evan - I am a little in the dark, still, about what is meant to happen - it sounds like the Cplane is vertical, edge on, to the view in one of your views and therefore does not show as you expect in that view. What CPlane should be active in that view? Can’t you just set whatever plane as you like in that view only, and then carry on?


I am used to a CPlane being present in every orthogonal view. The plane of the CPlane is always the plane of view.