Rhino 8 Linetypes - SetLinetypeScale also affect Print Width?

I’ve lately been exploring leveraging Rhino 8’s new linetype functionality to govern lineweight rather than our previous workflow in Rhino 7 of using layer-based Print Widths.

I’ve read a few other posts related to the latest R8.6 linetype updates, and I am curious if the ‘SetLinetypeScale’ command would ever be considered to adjust the scale of the width scale as well as the segment scale (in all my tests, only segment scale is affected)?

I understand that the intent is to have users scale lineweights via the “Scale by” setting in the print dialog box, but I’ve found in a larger office that the quality control of setting the right scale percentage to match standard lineweights is hard to govern, which can lead to drawings of the same scale across different projects having different graphic fidelity. I’ve successfully built three grasshopper components that try to govern this by a) adjusting a linetype’s width to match a specified value based on a user’s drawing scale input, b) adjusting a layer’s print width setting to match a specified value based on a user’s set drawing scale input, c) adjusting the ‘scale’ setting in the PrintDisplay command based on a user’s drawing scale input - but all of these workflows feel cumbersome compared to the potential of having the setlinetypescale command govern both segment and width scales.

We’re interested in this functionality largely because depending on our target medium teams a) may or may not use layouts, b) may print via the print dialogue box or screenshot using viewcapturetofile directly from the model space c) would prefer to see scaled lineweights in the model space prior to plotting without having to match the PrintDisplay scale and lineweight scale factor in the print dialogue box (similar to revit). Setting the width scale in the model space would skip the step of scaling print widths in the print dialogue box, and it would open up the opportunity for me to build a GH component that sets the model space scale based on an input drawing scale’s scale factor to ensure graphic fidelity across teams.

I’m still wrapping my head around the new linetypes functionality, so I apologize if I’m overlooking any key concepts or functions.

Thank you in advance - I am looking forward to hearing how others are adapting to this promising Linetype functionality in R8.