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Hi the I am currently working on a project using the Cambridge central mosque tutorial (Grasshopper parametric design - Cambridge mosque structural timber column - YouTube) and have run into an issue where my points are not lining up to their offset counterparts yet rather snapping to two areas.

Rather than lining up like what is shown in the tutorial.

I have also uploaded the script for reference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
mosque (35.8 KB)

Sorting the points might not even be needed… The lines you are looking for are lines between closest points.

mosque (31.4 KB)

You forgot to flattten a list earlier in the script.

Flattening this will result in the correct outcome.
Flatten instead of simplify.

Hi, so I am having trouble with the cull index at the beginning of the script, it is not forming completely on the edges, any ideas on how to fix it?

Post your Rhino and Grasshopper files.

mosque (31.4 KB)
this is the latest one

this is why I am trying to make

I’m not using TT Toolbox. It looks like this without it:

mosque (43.1 KB)

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perfect thank you Martin!!!

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mosque old (1).gh (39.8 KB)

Hi again Martin, so when I join my breps after projecting the curves, it doesn’t create the geometry i need to sweep the shape. I tried removing the sorted curves but it still didn’t work! Appreciate the help!

The curve domain which goes into the graph mapper is from 0 to 0.999376. If you later on map these values from a domain 0 to 1 to 0 to 5034, the values won’t ever go to 5034 because the starting domain is just a tiny bit smaller than 1.

This causes a gap between the two surfaces you’re trying to join and the rest of the definition fails.

With the domain problem fixed, it works but the beams have a gap. There is a crease at the top end of the funnel where it goes horizontal. If you fillet this curve, the beams are continuous.

PS: Your color choice is not very useful. White is too bright and black for selectedd objects. It’s too dark. Maybe you have a different screen but I can’t see anything so I changed the colors.

mosque old (1).gh (54.7 KB)

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