Line length command malfunction

Ok, admittedly it’s probably user error, but I have just spent 10 hours measuring lengths of various lines and entering them into a spreadsheet only to find out that something is going wrong right as I thought I was done…

I must have some overlapping lines that are now grouped together and/or joined together and so when I select it and use the _length command, I get an output but I have reason to believe that it isn’t accurate. (one side of a symmetrical shape is longer than the other).

Is there a command where I can look for overlapping lines or otherwise prevent this from happening?

Imagine you have two overlapping straight line segments that share the same endpoints… or maybe there are segments of a curve that are directly ontop of another and visually you can’t see the difference, and if they are grouped they act like one line. This would screw up the _length command. HELP!

Any input would be great.

You could try this script which will show you where the overlaps are… (1.2 KB)

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Thank you for your reply! Handy script you got there.

Hi Chris - Length will tell you how many curves it has measured.
‘Cumulative length = 24.308 millimeters for 2 curves’


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