Line ends won't snap together to make watertight panels

Hello, I’m new to Rhino and Cad in general and am stuck at the moment. I’m trying to complete a project but my lines won’t snap so that I can add mesh and create the individual panels. I have tried everything that I could think of to make the project water tight. The ends that are not snapped are not selectable like the end point is missing. I have points on. When placing the line end it appears to snap perfectly from a distance until I zoom in really close.
Thanks in advance!

First, are your object snaps actually active (not greyed out) and do you have things like the “End” checkbox checked?

If so, and it still doesn’t snap can you post a small sample file here? Use the Upload button in the bar above the message window or just drag and drop the 3dm file into the message window.

The same thing happens when I start from scratch within Rhino I thought it had something to do with my point cloud… I will try to upload a sample.

Here is a sample. You can see the disconnect when zoomed in. I also get open notifications when trying to add mesh.

Test open ends 1.3dm (25.6 KB)

Hello - if you zoom in far enough, you will always eventually see discrepancies like this - you camera view there is about 0.000003 feet wide… don’t worry the ends are touching; use `GCon to test continuity between curve ends, and keep in mind the tolerance (.01 feet in this case)
What are you trying to do (what command) and what is failing?

Add a mesh to what? The lines are not joined. You can join them to make a closed planar curve. From that you can make a Mesh from closed polyline. Actually, MeshFromLines also works on those to make a mesh with NGons.

If you want surfaces, PlanarSrf works on your unjoined curves.

Thanks for the help. I will check it out.