Join 2 edges export help

I am finishing a project where I join 2 naked edges. The result looks great in rhino5.0. When I save it or export it and open it in another software package like mastercam visualmill or autocad, etc, I lose the changes that the join2edge command made. Is there a way around this?

Hi Don - Joining edges that are out of tolerance does nothing to fix the underlying geometry- it is really just telling Rhino to consider the edges joined - a book-keeping operation, not a geometry one. So it sounds like you need to fix the edges for real, - it’s hard to suggest anything specific without seeing the model - feel free to post it here (public) or send to (not public) either directly or if it is big, via, to my (Pascal) attention.


I’ve always wondered how good snap is, in this case end snap. If you zoom way in so you can see the distance between two line ends, then drag one to the other using end snap do the coordinates of the first line end become EXACTLY the same as the coordinates of the second line end (mathematically), as in copied, or just really, really close?

End points snapped:

ON_Point: (-3.6566479758578505, 5.0852918361930097, 0)

ON_Point: (-3.6566479758578501, 5.0852918361930097, 0)