Line colour does not change when objects are placed in differnt layers (Rhino 6 Bug)

Hey there!

I´ve been using Rhino over several versions now.
Version 6 still seems to be a little bit buggy…
When I set the line colour nothing happens, objects don´t switch to new
line colour if they´re moved from layer to layer.

->Windows 7 Nvidia Quadro

two things- make sure the object is set to use layer material in the object properties, and make sure you are running the latest version of 6- I’m on v6.3 here and it’s behaving as expected-



Thanks for the quick reply!
I was talking about the ordinary preview line colour, I downloaded Rhino 6 a week ago,
let´s have a look on the version number… 6.1.
Hmm… where do I get 6.3 —if not on the mcneel homepage?
There are some more problems I´m noticing for the first time…
very strange results (missing objects) when .step is opened.
None of the problems does occure in 5.


Hi Simon - as far as I can see all objects that have their display color set to ‘by layer’ do obey this. If PrintDisplay is on, then you’ll see print colors and not display colors of course. If that does not cover it, please post an example file.


Thank You for the helpful information.

Changing the setting to print colour managed it.
Why is this setting not set as default?


Hi Simon - by default PrintDisplay is not enabled, so objects display in ‘Display color’


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