Shaded mode wireframe colour stuck on layer colour

in Shaded mode, the wireframe colour of the object is always the same as the layer colour, even if the object’s colour is different. text is the same - i cant seem to get the object to change anything other the surface shading colour. any ideas?

the image shows object with different colours [green, blue, yellow], but all have the wireframe colour inherited from the layer colour [magenta].

anyone know how to get i back to default behaviour?

Hi @cucaracha21

Check Rhino Options to see if you have changed the Edge Color setting for Shaded surfaces:


Also, it may be that the objects have per-face colors, this can happen on Step file import, for example. Use RemovePerFaceColors to resrtore standrd/default Rhino behavior.


it is not the setting that jeremy suggested above… thanks anyway.

the file was a STEP import.
RemovePerFaceColors fixes it for most of the polysurfaces.
but the text entities in the file refuse to change colour.

Hello- please post an example file - just a small sample of objects that do not behave.



Hello- if you set display color to By Layer for everythingh does if look the way you want?


No it does not change. the wireframe colour is stuck on layer colour.

i finally figured this out…
it was “PrintDisplay state=on enter”
i have a button i use to switch printDisplay on/off.

sorry for all the fuss.