Line are not visible when i import .dxf fiel into rhino 5

I have a .dxf file ,When I open this file with Rhino, i don’t see the line under the nose.
Other software like DWG true view do show the full line.
Does anybody know what’s happening here? and help me to solve it. We use rhino all the time for importing customer drawings and want to be sure we’re not missing any objects! thank !

Hi ngocduccdt

Can you provide the original DWG?
Without that it’s hard to tell what the issue is.

You can upload/attach files with this:


Also, is that Rhino 5 on Windows or on Mac?

OKimmagini per FOTOINCISIONE solo CANI piu’ piccoli.dxf (1.6 MB)

Moved to Rhino for Windows.

Hi - you haven’t answered my previous question…

At any rate, the dog on the left in the following picture is what I see when I import your file in Inkscape; the one on the right is in Rhino. They seem identical…

ON WINDOWS, thank, can you know how to slolve this problem ? i opened it on rhino v5.0

Hi - thanks for that additional information.

I tested now on Rhino 5.14 on Windows and see that two curves are missing:

(left is Rhino 5.14 and right is Rhino 6.17 with the two curves highlighted in red)

Perhaps @lowell has more ideas on this but I’m afraid that the only solution is to import into a different application or upgrade to Rhino 6.