Lines missing when exported to .dwg/.dxf


I have one closed line and a couple of horizontal (open) ones:


When I try to export all of them to .dwg or .dxf format, the horizontal ones are not exported. Only the closed one:

What is the reason for this?

Here are the settings I have for the .dwg export. Should something be changed in the settings?

I have Rhino 6 SR30.

Attached is the file with the issue.
LinesExportFailure.3dm (42.0 KB)

Rhino 7, latest service release candidate. Same problem exporting with Default scheme

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These 8 curves all have a duplicate point on one end. Some on the left end, some on the right end.

I used the “What” command

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Thank you for quickly solving the problem @martinsiegrist !

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