Limitations on control point morphing?


I’m trying to do a bit of control point morphing on a certain trimmed surface, and it’s not working, it’s not adding keyframes. After a bit more investigation right now I see it’s that the surface is trimmed, what’s the problem with them?


Hm. I can’t add CP’s from an untrimmed surface either. I tried on both R5 & R6 (although Bongo is the same, I think).

Either I do no longer remember if there’s a special case with CP’s, or CP manipulation is no longer supported (I’ve done CP manipulation earlier).

This is really strange. I found an old CP animation, but in the UI there’s absolutely no trace of any UI items for the settings for any CP. The (old) animation runs, but no clue as to how or where to modify, add or remove any CP or Keyframe. Something in the UI must have disappeared in later versions of Bongo. (The old file wave.3dm (94.6 KB) )

< scratching head >

// Rolf

(Luc Adriaenssen) #3

Indeed morphing isn’t applicable on trimmed surfaces (unfortunately). It is on the wish list.

a. Indeed Bongo is (i.e. should be) the same for Rhino 5 and 6
b. Nothing disappeared. Morphing is still unchanged available for curves and untrimmed surfaces. Everything’s works fine here with me.
In case you lost the skills : To be clear: in animation control points can only be moved, not added nor removed.

Just for fun, try this: Open Rolf’s wave model. Drill a hole in the surface (the surface is now trimmed).
The keyframes remain but the surface no longer actually waves. NOW, untrim the hole and observe the waving is back.
I guess there is a technical reason for ‘no morphing on trimmed surfaces’ – I’ll ask the developers.



Yes, I had totally forgotten how to morph control points. I was so puzzled when I couldn’t find out via the UI forms which CP’s where involved in the morphing, only by watching the animation in action. On a complex surface with many CPs engaged, then figuring out which CP’s are involved would be a nightmare…

It would be helpful if the engaged CP’s were highligted when selecting a keyframe, or if they’d show up in Bongo’s Animation Manager.

// Rolf

(Luc Adriaenssen) #5

Absolutely right. Initiating a morphing curve or surface is easily done but editing one is an absolute nightmare. This is mainly because a keyframe records the position of every control point of the concerning object, not only of the ones manipulated. Such also makes that tweening (rather important because a fluent movement will often be the desired result of morphing) is quite unmanageable.
It will take lots of considerations and creativity from the developers to enhance the current morphing. Again, it’s on the wishlist.