Can control point be rotated in Bongo?

I am wondering if Bongo can animate “bending softer surface”? Or recording control point being rotated with its surface?

Can you please be more specific in what exactly it is that you want to do? Can you give any examples?

Hi Marika thanks for your replay.

I mean how I can bend a surface in Bongo, not only by simply dragging its control point, but also animating it moving along a certain track, like an arc or any curve I drew?

I have noticed it can be easily done if the model was a mechanical object like joint of robotic arm, whereas control point is not an object which contains property like the real point that can be edited. I have a trouble of simulating that process as currently I am making a robotic arm covered by a elastic fabric, I wish bongo could somehow allows the fabric move along with the robotic arm. then I don’t have to export my rhino model in MAX or other animation software.

I think Bongo have not not yet reveal the best feature of rhino modelling, i.e. surface modelling.



Have you tried doing that using Grasshopper?
If not you could try it.