Lights won't stay

I click on the rectangular light, drag it out (it’s visible), click to set it and … it disappears. Same with any other type of light. For a point light I click, it’s visible, I drag it out to set it’s size, click … and it disappears.

Any idea what might be causing this behavior? I’m trying to render something this weekend and I’m stumped. The only light I can add to the scene is the sun which isn’t what I want.

Thanks for any thoughts you might have.

I too have encountered this lately in my own drawings. The light is in fact there and at the moment I do not remember what I had to do to see it. I will go to one of my drawings and see what I have been doing. In case I do not get right back to you it is for sure there.


Just went and added a point light and a rectangle light to a drawing with no problem. Perhaps you should post your file so we can have a look.

I hope it’s something stupid and obvious.
Thanks for taking a look

Arsenal model.3dm (334.4 KB)

I figured it out and it was stupid and obvious. Lights were unchecked in Display for Perspective view. Don’t remember doing that but there it is.

Have a good day.

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