Bug report: Light objects behave strangely in V6.4 (deleted objects reappear)

Definetly a bug, hard to reproduce and certainly annoying :wink:

I am working in a file with 20-100 lights. Experimenting with the light setup.
Light objects (linear, spot and rect) reappear on certain occasions 5 min after I deleted them.
In one occasion I changed render material parameters and on hitting the ok button in the material dialog, …bing… the rectangular light that I already deleted 5 times is back in the game. I keep deleting the same light objects over and over again. Hard to get any work done this way and totally weird behavior.
It seems to help to save, close and reopen the file to get rid of these zombie lights.
(maybe something messed up with the undo buffer, … just guessing)

I am using cycles atm, in case that is important. V6.4

Any hint and fixes much appreciated

Do these lights also reappear in the Lights panel?

If you could share your file with me using www.rhino3d.com/upload . Use nathan@mcneel.com as recipient and I’ll have a look tomorrow morning.

Thanks for checking!

AFAIR, yes, they are being resurrected as completely regular objects. They are selectable (hence, no display bug), Using _SelLight they will be selected. Just like regular lights, only back from the other side… :wink:

I don’t have a test file at hand, for the simple reason that closing and reopening files seems to get rid of unwanted leftovers. Happy for now that I managed to eliminate the zombies.
I was only copying, moving, grouping, ungrouping, moving to layers and deleting lights. The file I worked on is similar/related to the one I uploaded in the other bug report:

Don’t know if this is salient or not. -

Back in the early days of AutoCAD we identified that “deleted” objects were simply made == to the background color and made un-selectable - managed by “Handles” and ONLY actually “deleted” by scrubbing them the next time the Model is loaded (typical database-style behavior of the day, DB-III. -IV & Access, for example) . Well, similar behavior to what you have described cropped up in one of their (ACAD’s) early odd-numbered releases. A poor programming choice was mitigated at their next release.

Right NOW, I’M dealing with something similar in RH-6, where using [F-7] to pop the grid “off” changes it NOT to “off” but to == the background color and STILL overlaps the parts its in front of, even when its supposed to be “off”.

Can’t say whether this is at all related, but everything MAY be connected. Couldn’t say, but maybe the guess will help uncover a clue ?

Hope so.

All the BEST -


Sofar I haven’t been able to reproduce with 6.3, I’ll see if I can get it reproduced with 6.4 RC 1 code branch later.

It may be the lights datasource (internally) together with the Lights panel frontend is causing this behavior. I’ll ask @maxsoder if he is aware of recent changes in this area that could cause this problem.

I do not think there has been any recent changes that would affect this. I think this bug has just not “shown” itself as it seems hard to reproduce. I also tried to reproduce this with a newer version, but was not able to get a case of a zombie light.

First when I read about zombie lights I thought it could be the new Isolate feature or maybe a bug in the Isolate feature as it turns of the others lights, but this is clearly not it as this has to to with resurrected deleted lights.

Hi @FrankS

I think this bug has been identified and fixed. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-45723

The fix will be in version 6.5.

Best Regards

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Yeah, I’m just now finding surfaces that were trimmed or deleted showing back up.

If have steps to reproduce a new problem please start a new topic with said steps laid out clearly.

Thanks Max!

Thanks Max !