Lighting setup for cinematography

There’s a great looking program plugin for CD4 that allows you to light models using professional film lighting. It’s nice and they have what appears to be most lights and modifier (softboxes, reflectors, chinaballs, etc)… but it’s like $750 CAD and I don’t have it in my budget. This is it:

Can someone point me to some tutorials so I can learn to create my own lighting setup for film scenes, similar to the cine designer? It would be great to see how different lights and modifiers would affect the lighting of the scene. I know in key shot pro there are general lighting setups, but it’s quite crude. I would like something more advanced so I can control the exact lighting outputs and direction, etc. Any suggestions?

Something that would allow a director of photography for a film basically light a scene I would need realistic 3d actor models as stand ins too.

Thank you,

Well basically any good tutorials about lighting for lighting can be applied.

Lighting suppliers have IES files you can download to get as realistic an approximation of actual lights you can get.

I looked at that product and was kinda…what’s the point? I did see reference to it as being useful for “pre-vis,” you’re able to map out a shot with it, then transfer the camera motion to the actual equipment. That’s not hugely relevant to what you want to do right now.

Thanks Jim. Which program would you suggest would be the easiest to do such customized lighting while keeping as close to the rhino workflow as possible (ideally doing it within rhino)?

If it is possible to do within Rhino, I was thinking possibly modelling the actual lights with stands, etc, within rhino and then applying lighting to the scene, and finally rendering it out. But how would I control the specific light output of the lights to match the real light (using IES files from the light manufacturers)? Playing around in the lighting section of rhino, I don’t see specific light output controls other than “intensity” and “color”.